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FE429: Futures and Options

Wall Street Journal - US (Digital Microfilm 2008+)

An additional source for commodity futures contracts and cash prices.

Available on the Business Databases: A-Z list on the Pardee Library page.

Click on "select" link to display the list of titles.

Choose Wall Street Journal - Eastern Edition. 
Select the year, month and day.
Select a particular page from the page drop-down menu. Select page C1 for the beginning of Money & Investing section where you will find relevant financial data. Commodity futures contracts and cash prices can be found in the Money & Investing section

Scroll through the journal using the "scroll thumbnails" button, the "1 image ate a time" button, the "10 images at a time" button or the "50 images at a time" button at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

All articles for this publication are in PDF format and can be printed. Use of microfilm to access this title from 2008 on is no longer necessary.

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Kathleen Berger
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