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FE429: Futures and Options

Downloading Commodity Futures Prices using Bloomberg Wizard


Wizard Login

Log into Bloomberg: The login information is next to the Bloomberg Terminal in the Pardee Library.

Open Microsoft Excel: Click on start -> Programs -> Microsoft Excel

Launch Bloomberg Data Wizard: Click on Bloomberg -> choose import data -> click on 'Historical End of Day'


Wizard Ticker

For a particular corn futures contract, type the ticker symbol for one of the corn future contracts.

Select Comdty from the Market Sector drop-down menu.

Double click on C K0 to select the futures contract.

Click on the Next> button at the bottom of the search box.


Wizard Last Price

Type Last Price in the Search Text box and click on the Search button.

Double click on Last Price PX_Last.

Click on the Next>button.

Wizard Date Range

Select the date range. Click on the Next> button.


Wizard Non-trading days

Click on the Next> button.

Wizard Pricing Defaults

Click on the Next> button.

Wizard Layout Options

Click on the Finish button

Wizard Excel Output

Historical prices for the corn futures contract will be downloaded into Excel.

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