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African Newspapers

Online Newspapers: Ethiopia [Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia]

Addis Fortune [English]

Newspaper focusing on economic issues.

Addis Standard [Amharic, English, Oromo]

Monthly independent magazine.

BBC [in AmharicOromoSomali, and Tigrinya]

Capital Ethiopia [English]
Daily. Local and national economic news. Designed to encourage free enterpise in Ethiopia. Searchable archives from 2004. (Addis Ababa).

  • EthioMedia [English]
    Portal to current news, newspapers, radio stations, government parties and more. (Seattle, Washington, Everett, WA). [website currently unavailable, March 2, 2022]
  • Ethiopian News Agency [Amharic/English]
    Official government news agency. Includes the Ethio-Eritrean conflict. Archives from 2008. (Addis Ababa).
  • Ethiopian Reporter [Amharic/English]
    Weekly newspaper. *amharic script font needs to present on your pc* (Addis Ababa).
  • Ethiopian Review [English]
    Current news, events and rallies for the Ethiopian Diaspora. Espouses dissident views. (Washington, D.C.).
  • Gambella Star [English]
    News, video portal. Searchable. Privately owned. (Gambella).
  • Ethiopian News Portal [Amharic/English] Portal to news, radio stations and blogs. (Maryland, USA).
  • Walta Information Centre [Amharic/English] Privately owned, government affiliated, news and information service. (Addis Ababa).
  • Yeroo [Oromo, English]
  • Zethiopia Newspaper [English/Amharic]
    Portal to selected Ethiopian news articles. For the Ethiopian American community. (Washington, D.C.).
  • updated March 2, 2022

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