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Scores and Sheet Music: Digital and Print

Sources for print and digital scores with examples of searching for different types of scores.


A facsimile is a photographic reproduction of an original manuscript or early printed edition, enabling study without having to travel to see the original in person.

  • Include the word "facsimile" in your BU Libraries search to find them online or in our print collection.
  • If results include multiple versions, click on "More Information" in individual records and look for "Facsimiles" in the subject listing.


To find a facsimile edition of Handel's Messiah:

  • Search BU Libraries search for Handel messiah facsimile
  • For the result "Handel's conducting score of Messiah," click on "See all versions."
  • If necessary, filter results to Scores as a material type.
  • Click on "More Information" on individual records to find one with "Facsimiles" in the subject, leading to:   


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