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Cited References: How Do I Find Who Cited an Article or Book?

Other Article & Book Databases

  • Use menu bar in the upper left of the page and choose  Advanced Search
  • Enter author’s name and title if available
  • Using quotation marks around the full name of an author may be useful
  • Within results, click on Cited By link
  • Choose Law Journal Library
  • Enter author’s name, last name first, and title of article if looking for citations to a particular article
  • Click the Cited By link on the right side of the page.
  • Choose Author Search if looking for citations to a particular author and  enter first and last name
  • List of articles by the author will appear with a link to citing articles for each article
  • One can also choose Citation Search under Advanced Search or Other Search Options for a more specific search
  • Click Citations button at top of the page
  • Use buttons at top of page to search by author, journal, subject, year, or top 10 lists
  • If searching by author, enter author’s last name and first initial of first name. Be sure to put a comma between the last name and the initial
  • The publications list will show the number of citations for each publication in descending order
  • Click into the  number at the beginning of each citation to see the full citation and abstract
  • Citations will appear in a box on the right side  of the page
  • Enter author’s name
  • Click specific title in result list
  • An abstract will appear. Below the abstract is a list of  Cited By # PubMed Central Articles, including links.
  • Choose Advanced Search
  • Enter author's name in search box
  • Enter title of article
  • Click into article
  • See Citing Articles link on the right side of the page