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Cited References: How Do I Find Who Cited an Article or Book?

Web of Science

Web of Science is comprised of 8 citation databases and the default is to searching all of them at the same time. One can go to More settings on the main search page and choose which databases to include.



Tips For Cited Reference Search in Web of Science

  • Choose Cited Reference Search
  • Default is to all eight indexes. Can specify specific indexes to search under More Settings.
  • Enter last name of author and first name initial followed by an asterisk or select author from an index.
  • Enter an abbreviated journal title. Consult journal abbreviations list
  • If searching for a book, enter the first significant words of the title in the Cited Work search box and truncate last word
  • Other search options available in search box drop down menus
  • Enter cited year or years if available
  • Click Search
  • Find the specific article or book in list of results and check box to the left of the reference. More than one box can be checked
  • To retrieve citing articles, click Finish Search
  • Web of Science Cited Reference Search tutorial