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NE370: Neuroscience Communications (Spring 2024)

Article Databases

BU Library Search
A singular place to find scholarly materials brought to you by the BU Libraries including print and electronic books, book chapters, journal articles, dissertations, newspapers, and audio and visual items.

American Psychological Association, PsycINFO covers 2,500 journals, as well as book chapters, conference proceedings and dissertations. Coverage from 1894-present.
Published by the National Library of Medicine, Pubmed covers biomedical and health sciences literature including 5,400 journals. Coverage: 1809 (selective)-present. 
Biological Abstracts
Covers the life and biological sciences literature published from more than 4,000 journals internationally. Coverage from 1989-present. Since Biological Abstracts is on the Web of Science platform, you can search both databases simultaneously.

Web of Science
A multidisciplinary scientific database that covers 8000 highly ranked scientific journals. Perform a traditional search for articles, or conduct a 'cited reference search' to find scholarly literature both "back" and "forward" in time. Coverage from 1965-present.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar helps you find relevant work across the world of scholarly and academic literature.

Annual Reviews
Annual Reviews is a non-profit academic publishing company that publishes more than 50 journals of review articles. You can search each title separately or search the entire suite of journals simultaneously.

Highlighted Article

Review Articles

Finding a review article is a great way to gain a basic understanding of a topic. Offering a "state of the art" assessment on a particular topic, review articles sum up the current state of research. They often include: 

  • the main people working in that field
  • where the research is taking place                                                                    
  • recent major advances or discoveries              
  • any gaps in the research
  • current debates or issues

Below are some "tips and tricks" on how to find review articles in several databases.

BU Library Search 

  • Add the word review to your search or look for the "Review" filter on the right-hand side. You may end up getting some book reviews but you will also get any review articles on your keyword search.


  • On the search results page, click "Review" under "Article Types" in the left-hand list of filters. 

Biological Abstracts 

  • On the search results page, select "Literature Review" from under "Literature Types" in the left-hand navigation. Then click "Refine".

Web Of Science 

  • On the search results page, select "Review" from under "Document Types" in the left-hand navigation. Then click "Refine".

Google Scholar 

  • Once you have done a search on Google Scholar, limit the results to "Review Articles" on the left hand menu


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