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Earth Month

April is Earth Month! To celebrate our beloved blue planet, we are spotlighting books in the Pardee collection that focus on sustainability, renewable energy, and efforts to combat climate change. Learn from experts, activists, and innovators working to protect our planet, and get inspired to make a difference in work, school, and life. 

For more information about BU's contributions to a better future, visit BU Sustainability.

Featured Reading

Putting the Heart Back into Business: How to Place People, Planet, and Purpose at the Core of What You Do

Location: Online
In this uniquely honest and ground-breaking book, entrepreneur Andrew Thornton and coach Eudora Pascall propose a better way of being in business - one that enables everyone to truly be themselves, harnesses people's strengths and individuality, and puts people and planet first - whilst trusting that profit will still follow.
With the inspiring story of the transformation that took place in a multicultural North London supermarket as a backdrop, Andrew and Eudora demonstrate the huge impact and positive difference that running a heart-centred business can make on the lives of the people you work with and the world you live in too.

Pricing the Priceless: The Financial Transformation to Value the Planet, Solve the Climate Crisis, and Protect Our Most Important Assets

Location: Online
Pricing the Priceless captures financial recognition for what is otherwise never calculated in financial terms. Water meters only measure the cost of the water we use, not the value of having clean water in the first place, reflecting what goes out but not what goes in. But keeping water clean is a vital public service, surely an indicator of good governance and management. In turn, if capital markets reward coherent risk management and resource stewardship in higher credit ratings for public entities, then those entities can issue bonds or borrow long term against that value. In this sequence, pricing the priceless translates the natural capital of clean water into bankable collateral, as compared to short-term raw material, and extends measurable value today to immeasurable value tomorrow. 

Road to Net Zero: Strategic Pathways for Sustainability-Driven Business Transformation

Location: Online
With this open access book, delve into the insights of respected leaders from academia and industry as they unravel the intricacies of sustainability-driven business transformation. This meticulously curated edited volume reflects on The Road To Net Zero, underscoring the need for pioneering pathways. Embark on a collaborative learning journey and explore key issues along the road to transformation, such as crafting corporate sustainability strategies, new forms of corporate disclosure, transforming value chains, and harnessing the power of technological innovation. Packed with guiding questions and distilled findings from research, this book is a must-read for all decision-makers, strategists, engaged citizens, educators, and learners committed to driving change and shaping a more sustainable future.

Books for Earth Month

Featured: Big Data is Big Business

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