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National Mentoring Month

The New Year marks the start of National Mentoring Month, a 31-day-long celebration of community and connection. This month includes several specific days dedicated to the people who make these connections possible, including:

  • January 9: I Am A Mentor Day
  • January 15: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
  • January 17: International Mentoring Day
  • January 24-26: National Mentoring Summit, Washington, D.C.
  • January 25: Thank Your Mentor Day

To learn more about mentorship in academia, business, and beyond check out our featured books below or visit the current month's page on the lefthand menu.

Mentoring in 2024

According to the 2023 Who Mentored You? report, which drew from surveys of more than 2,600 intergenerational Americans, American adults give their mentors more than half of the credit (56%) for the success they have achieved in life. Mentoring is critical in the business world and beyond for those at the beginning of their careers. Read on for some featured titles on being a mentor, a mentee, and leading by example.

Featured Reading

Older and Wiser: New Ideas for Youth Mentoring in the 21st Century

Location: Online
In Older and Wiser, mentoring expert Jean Rhodes draws on more than thirty years of empirical research to survey the state of the field. Her conclusion is sobering: there is little evidence that most programs are effective. But there is also much reason for hope. Mentoring programs, Rhodes writes, do not focus on what young people need. But research makes clear that effective programs emphasize the development of specific social, emotional, and intellectual skills.  Rhodes doesn't think we should give up on mentoring--far from it. She shows that evidence-based approaches can in fact create meaningful change in young people's lives. She also recommends encouraging "organic" mentorship opportunities--in schools, youth sports leagues, and community organizations.

Mentoring in Intercultural and International Contexts

Location: Online
Academia can be a lonely place, especially for those people who are members of marginalized communities. Effective mentoring helps to provide guidance and support and can ease the transition to and success in higher education. The chapters in "Mentoring and International Experiences" analyze unique situations that international students face in higher education and how effective mentoring can guide these students through academic and life challenges. The second section, "Mentoring and Cultural Contexts," focuses on diverse cultural settings within the higher educational system in the United States and on historically marginalized students and/or faculty. 

Mentoring 2. 0 : A Practitioner's Guide to Changing Lives

Location: Online
Mentors are magical people. They can potentially transform ordinary folks into amazing icons of achievement. The best of them can morph their subtle and exalted practice into an art form. This book is a walking tour of the workings of the mentoring process, the key aspects of the practice of mentoring, and the snares and snags to look out for. Several cases and examples cited in the book are of actual people living through the process, and are drawn from the author's long years of experience, practice and research.  

Books for National Mentor Month

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