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WR150: The Civil War: Experience and Meaning

Peer Review in Three MInutes

How do articles get peer reviewed? What role does peer review play in scholarly research and publication?

Peer Review in 3 Minutes

Physical & Online Sources

Please note that this guide may include pointers to some physical resources in the Boston University Libraries that are not accessible to some or all users due to the person's location or due to access changes put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. For additional help, contact the guide author or get general help at 

Browse Books & eBooks on the Civil War

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The Civil War has been the subject of countless books. There are nearly 5,000 such book or ebooks available from the BU Libraries. (A few of the more recent ones are shown above; click on the covers to view them.) The books in the Libraries collections cover everything from the broad scope of the war to specific battles and people to such narrow topics how the war was reported, the technology of the war, and even "how the five senses--sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch--shaped the course, meaning, and content" of the war.

Use the link below to browse books on the Civil War. You can also add additional search terms, after viewing the full list, to look for more specific topics.

Browse books and ebooks on the Civil War from the BU Libraries.

Search for Scholarly Articles

The Civil War continues to be of interest to academic journals and the scholars who write for them. The war may have ended 166 years ago, but scholars are explore, analyze, evaluate, and interpret it in new ways.

Searching for journal articles on the Civil War, can be challenging. That is partly because, unlike the consistent ways books are cataloged, names for the American Civil War can vary greatly from journal to journal and article to article. And, of course, the American Civil War, is not the only Civil War, in the past or in the present, and there is not always an easy way to search for this particular civil war in the journal literature.

Nevertheless, there are many to choose from, in a wide variety of journals, and from a wide variety of perspectives, as seen in the examples below.

Journal articles on the war can be discovered by searching BU Libraries Search (BULS), the main Libraries database, and filtering the results to include only peer-reviewed articles. BULS and a few other key databases are linked above.

Sample articles


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