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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

BU faculty/researcher publications

Mirror worlds, eclipse attacks and the security of Bitcoin and the RPKI
Heilman, Ethan ; 2022

Eclipse Attacks on Bitcoin’s Peer-to-Peer Network
Ethan Heilman∗ Alison Kendler∗ Aviv Zohar∗ Sharon Goldberg

TumbleBit: An Untrusted Bitcoin-Compatible Anonymous Payment Hub
Ethan Heilman∗ Leen Alshenibr∗ Foteini Baldimtsi∗ Alessandra Scafuro∗ Sharon Goldberg

Featured Papers


Empirical Comparison of Block Relay Protocols
Imtiaz, Muhammad Anas ; Starobinski, David ; Trachtenberg, Ari
IEEE eTransactions on network and service management, 2022, Vol.19 (4), p.1-1

The Veil of Transparency: Blockchain and Sustainability Governance in Global Supply Chains
Campbell-Verduyn, Malcolm ; Bernards, Nick ; Rodima-Taylor, Daivi
Environment and planning. C, Politics and space, 2022, p.239965442211427

Cryptocurrencies Intraday High-Frequency Volatility Spillover Effects Using Univariate and Multivariate GARCH Models
Ampountolas, Apostolos
International journal of financial studies, 2022, Vol.10 (3), p.51

Blockchain competition: The tradeoff between platform stability and efficiency
Jiang, Shangrong ; Li, Yuze ; Wang, Shouyang ; Zhao, Lin
European journal of operational research, 2022, Vol.296 (3), p.1084-1097

Environmental Accounting System Model Based on Artificial Intelligence Blockchain and Embedded Sensors
Zhang, Wenyu ; Zhu, Mengpu 
Computational intelligence and neuroscience, 2022, Vol.2022, p.1-11

FinTech econometrics: Privacy preservation and the wisdom of the crowd
S Kou
Innovative technology at the interface of finance and operations, 245-272, 2022

Mirror worlds, eclipse attacks and the security of Bitcoin and the RPKI
Ethan Heilman

Initial Coin Offerings, Speculation, and Asset Tokenization,
Gan, J., Tsoukalas, G., Netessine, S.
Management Science, 67 (2), 914-931 2021

Investigating Orphan transactions in the Bitcoin Network
Imtiaz, Muhammad Anas ; StarobinskiDavid ; Trachtenberg, Ari
IEEE eTransactions on network and service management, 2021, Vol.18 (2), p.1718-1731

Churn in the bitcoin network
MA Imtiaz, D Starobinski, A Trachtenberg, N Younis
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 18 (2), 1598-1615, 2021

The Arwen trading protocols
E Heilman, S Lipmann, S Goldberg
Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2020

Cryptanalysis of curl-p and other attacks on the iota cryptocurrency
E Heilman, N Narula, G Tanzer, J Lovejoy, M Colavita, M Virza, T Dryja, 2019
Cryptology ePrint Archive

Low-resource eclipse attacks on ethereum's peer-to-peer network
Y Marcus, E Heilman, S Goldberg
Cryptology ePrint Archive 2018