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Country Guide: Somalia

This guide is intended as a starting point for research on Somalia and lists resources on in BU Libraries African Studies collection as well as selected resources freely available online.

Inhouse colonial era documents & ephemera

  • Annual Report on Somaliland. 1904/5-1938. Great Britain Colonial Office. New York: Andronicus Pub. co , 1972 (Microfilm J 787 B7A13)
  • British Somaliland Legislative Council. Debates. vol.1 (1957) - First session, first meeting, sittings of 21st and 22nd may, 1957- (J787 B7L4).
  • Somaliland Protectorate, a handbook. British Somaliland Information Office. Hargeisa, 1956. (J787 .B71611s)
  • Memorandum to the United nations Organization concerning the need for the unification of the Somali people, Burao, British Somaliland, 1948..(J787 .B7S7m)
  • Fisheries reconnaisance, Somalia, East Africa. By Ralph L. Johnson. Rome: U.S. Operations Mission to Italy, 1956. (J787 I7A15f)
  • .La prime elezioni politiche in Somalia, 1956. Mogadiscio, [1957]. (J787 I7 A191
  • Africa d'Oggi.  Rassegna di politica economica a cura della camera di commercio Italiana per l'Africa. La Somalia verso l'independenza. Anno 1 no. 1  (Pamphlet collection -  Somalia - Periodicals)
  • Meridiano Somalo. Rassegna mensile della vita in Somalia. Anno I numero 2 (Ottobre 1951); no.4 Decembre 1951. (Pamphlet collection -  Somalia - Periodicals)
  • Plans de développement et economique de la Somalie. Roma: Administration Italienne de Tutelle de la Somalie. (Pamphlet collection -  Somalia)
  • Somaliland under Italian Administration: A case study in United nation Trusteeship. [By Lawrence S. Finkelstein. New York: Woodrow Wilson foundation, 1955. (Pamphlet collection -  Somalia​)
  • ​Economic Requirements of the Territory of Somalia on the Expiration of the Trusteeship Mandate. Rome: Italian Trusteeship Administration for Somalia, 1958. (Pamphlet collection -  Somalia​)
  • Agricultural resources of Somalia. By Henrietta M. Holm. USDA Foriegn Agricultural Service, 1956. (Pamphlet collection -  Somalia​)
  • Nuova era=Waaga Cusub=New Era. Aprile 1975 - No. 23; no.1 1977; 2e trimistre 1977 (Pamphlet collection - Somalia​)

To find more Colonial era Documents (J Docs), check the card catalog or visit ASL Reading Room..

Maps & Atlases

Plano Quotato di Mogadiscio
Size: 28 x 36
Scale: 1: 5000
Keywords: Somalia
Published by Ufficio Topocartografico Coloniale della Somalia
Drawer # 21, folder # 1
Somalia – Alula
Size: 21.5 x 28.5
Scale: 1: 16 miles
Keywords: Somalia
Published by Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army Map Service
Drawer # 21, folder # 1
Somalie: Carte Physique, Communications, Groupes Ethniques, Carte Economique
Size: 18 x 36
Keywords: Somalia/Topographical/Economics/Communications/Population
Published by Instut Poligrafico Dello Stato
Drawer # 21, folder # 1
Somaliland – Mogadiscio
Size: 25 x 31
Scale: 1: 16 miles
Keywords: Somaliland
Published by Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army Map Service
Drawer # 21, folder # 1
Somalio – Mogadicio Port
Size: 22.5 x 37
Keywords: Somalia
Published by Directorate of Military Survey
Drawer # 21, folder # 1
Somalia and Djibouti
Size: 19.5 x 25
Scale: 1: 90 kilometers
Keywords: Somalia/Djibouti/Population/Economics
Notes: insets of Population, Economic Activity, and Ethnic Groups
Published by CIA
Drawer # 21, folder # 2
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