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E-Resources for the School of Theology Library: Databases

Introduction to the e-resources available to you as a student at the School of Theology Library!


This guide will provide users of the Boston University School of Theology Library an overview of the e-resources available to them, including databases, online biblical commentaries, e-reference and e-book sources, and STH dissertations.

First up, learn about the databases available at Boston University for your research, including your new best friend, the ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials. Databases aggregate and make searchable things like journal articles; you will be provided citation information (so you know where to find that precious article needed for your paper due) and in many cases, full-text access to the resource you are looking for!

Note that many articles we own appear in a search of our online catalog, but not all do! So make sure to continue your research by consulting our databases!

Using the ATLA Religion Database

In your studies at the School of Theology Library, the online database you will probably use the most is ATLASerials (which is hosted by EBSCO). This database includes full-text articles from over 300 journals on theology and indexing/citation information on almost 2,000 more. Discover the wealth of resources at your disposal by searching the database, the link is included below!

Our friends at ATLA have posted several YouTube video tutorials showing users how to unlock the power of the ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials so you can find the perfect article for your research. Check them out here! Toggle between playlists by clicking on the icon in the top left of the video!

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Frequently Used Databases

We recommend beginning with the ATLA Religion Database.The following four databases are available from the same vendor (EBSCO) and can be searched simultaneously by entering the ATLA Religion Database and clicking on "Choose databases" above the search bar.

Other Major Databases:

Great Reference Tools:

If you're looking for statistics, check out:

Korean-language journal article database. Provides access to scholarly articles in over 2,000 journals, including over 70 journals in Religion and Theology.

Full-text collection of Korean classical books including: history, literature, folk literature, natural history, oriental medicine, religion, myth, and other classical works.

Korean-language scholarly database. Provides access to articles and other resources in both scholarly and popular journals.

Boston University has access to many different databases beyond the ones listed above. The librarians at Mugar have made a comprehensive, A-Z list of all the databases available at Boston University:

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E-Books available at the School of Theology

You can search for e-books the same as any other book in our collection, by searching our online catalog (available at When an item is available online, click on "Find Online" and log in with your BU ID and password. After that, as a Boston University student, faculty, or staff member, you should be able to access that item on your computer from anywhere in the world!

The School of Theology Library owns many items that are out of copyright that we have scanned, see a collection of those items here or search for them in our catalog, too!


Not all of the articles indexed in our databases are available full-text. Don't worry though, because there are other ways to get them.

1. First, check BU Libraries search to see if we have a hardcopy

In many cases, we have a current subscription to the journal your article is in. Simply search for the journal in our BU Libraries Search catalog to find the call number. Then, check on the shelf at that call number location to find the correct volume and issue. Once you've located it, feel free to use it in library or scan the article you need.

2. If there is no copy at BU, place an interlibrary loan article request

If we don't own the journal, we can find another library that does and get a scan of your article. Simply go to "Interlibrary Loan Borrowing" on the "For Students" menu of the STH Library website. Log-in to ILLiad (our interlibrary loan program) with your password, make your free account, and choose "article request." Enter as much information as you can about the article and submit. You should receive an email when your PDF arrives in as little as 1-2 business days. The email will have a link back into the ILLiad program, and your article will be available there for download for 2 weeks. Questions? Check out our ILLiad tutorial here.