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SO100: Principles in Sociology (Fall 2022)

About Principles in Sociology


This guide provides selected course-specific resources for SO100: Principles in Sociology, taught by Professor Joseph Harris and Professor Ashley Mears.

SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO) Pilot, Fall Semester 2022

Research Methods are the systematic tools used to conduct research. Basically, they are the rules researchers follow to collect information in order to seek an answer to their research question by collecting data in an accepted manner in order to produce accurate results. This semester, Boston University is piloting SAGE Research Methods Online, an online collection of books and other full-text materials that provide authoritative information and multi-media on how to perform hundreds of research methods.  For more information, see: SAGE Research Methods: Getting Started and SAGE Research Methods User Guide

Featured Films: Why Sociology?


Exploring Society: Why Sociology?:Then and Now: Women Sociologists (Academic Video Online)

Why Sociology?: Part 9: Then and Now. Women W9: Then and Now. Women Sociology?: Part 9: Then and Now. Women Sociologists

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