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Finding book and journal publishers for your writings

Purpose of this guide

Some authors claim that finding a publisher for their book manuscript or academic journal article is almost as time consuming as writing the work.  Although this claim is exaggerated, it is true that locating an appropriate book or journal to publish your writings can be a very time-consuming and occasionally exasperating enterprise.  This guide is mainly aimed for academic authors, but also includes some sources for publishing for a more general audience.

It is my fervent hope that this guide will reduce the time and efforts involved to find a publisher.

Please contact me if you have any additions or comments on this guide.  This guide is a continuing work-in-progress.

Good luck in finding a publisher for your work!





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Donald Altschiller
Mugar Memorial Library
Subjects: History, Religion


Academic Writing: Publishing Articles and Sharing your Work  is a very helpful source located on the Henry Whittemore Library website at Framingham State University.