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WR153: All Poetry is Political (Bozek)


News on politics and policy

Button Poetry and the VS podcast

Mahogany L Browne  |  Blurred Vision

Diana Khoi Nguyen | Chapters of America

The VS podcast is a bi-weekly series where poets confront the ideas that move them.

Art and Images


Migration Is Transformation -- Kingfisher
Painted image of a kingfisher which contains an abstract image of a mother and child and refugees running under a moon.  JESS X CHEN is a first generation Chinese-American poet, artist/activist, filmmaker, and educator.   Work Type: Sticker. 2015

Image available in the ARTstor database.

Film and video

Elisa New talks with poet Mark Doty, and others about “This Your Home Now,” where a visit to the barber shop sparks a meditation on love, the AIDS crisis, and more. Release Date 2020
Streaming from Academic Video Online

  • Kanopy -A collection of documentaries, training films, and theatrical releases available as streaming video. Clips can be embedded in presentations or shown in class.
  • Academic Video Online- A collection spanning a range of subjects including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more. 

Spoken and performance poetry

Music and Audio



Readings and conversation with The New Yorker’s poetry editor, Kevin Young.

Radical Imagination: Marilyn Nelson, Tracy K. Smith, and Terrance Hayes on Poetry in Our Times