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Japanese History

Book Collection

The B.U. Libraries have an excellent collection of both print and electronic resources on the history of Japan. The collection primarily covers the Meiji era (1868) to the present with an emphasis on World War II and more recent history. Earlier Japanese history is also covered. We also have a good collection on both Japanese-American history and the worldwide Japanese diaspora. The collection is mostly in English but Japanese language books and journal articles are easily found by doing a BULS (Boston University Library Search) search in the box on the main library page.

To narrow your search to our print or e-books, please do an advanced search on the B.U. library web page, using the subject phrase “Japan–history.”  This search will yield hundreds of titles but you can refine the search by adding terms, e.g., Japan — History — Tokugawa period, 1600-1868. You can also use keywords, e.g., Nanjing, Hirohito, etc.

Find Articles

History Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases

JSTOR and Project Muse are full-text interdisciplinary databases which will provide full-text articles on Japanese history, not found the HA and AHL databases.

Asian Studies Database

Japanese History Online

A huge number of websites cover Japanese history but we are only including a few authoritative sites compiled by scholars of Japan.


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