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Grey Literature in the Health Sciences

A Guide to Finding Grey Literature for Health & Rebabilitation Science Research

Grey Literature

PrePrint Repositories

Preprints are manuscripts that authors make publicly available prior to becoming a formal peer-reviewed publication. Here are some sources of preprints:

Google Advanced Search

Google can help lead you to grey literature. To make sure you are finding high-quality information, I recommend that you use Google Advanced Search. Limit your search to domain types such as .org, .gov, or .edu. Limiting your file type to PDFs will help you get to research papers and fact sheets.

Why Search Grey Literature?

"Grey literature" refers to sources of information that are not published through traditional avenues such as books, scholarly journals, or news articles. Grey literature is often featured on a government website or an organization's website and may include but are not limited to: policy papers, fact sheets, statistics, pre-print articles, clinical trials, and conference papers. These sources often supplement the research you will find from books or scholarly articles.

Search Engines & Directories of Grey Literature Producing Organizations

Clinical Trials


Conference Presentations

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Tips for Evaluating Grey Literature