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WR151: Higher Learning Across Time and Space

Suggested Databases

Start Here

BU Libraries Search (BULS) is the best place to start your search. In BULS, you can find books, journal articles, newspaper articles, videos, and more! Use BULS to look for background, exhibits, articles, and theory to support your argument.

Interdisciplinary Databases

The databases listed here cover a wide range of topics, from humanities to sciences. The majority of resources in these databases will be academic articles and scholarly books.

Specialized Databases

These databases focus on a particular discipline or field of inquiry. Use a specialized database to search within the scholarly conversation about a topic. You'll find less irrelevant resources using a specialized database, however your topic may be more broad or interdisciplinary and you'll miss out on important conversations by searching more narrowly.

Books to Get You Started

History of Higher Education

Student Activism & Protest

Meritocracy and Neoliberalism

Identity and Education


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