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Business Tutorial: GuideStar Premium

Instructions for Downloading Organization and Financial Data

  1. To enable downloading from Guidestar Premium you will need to log into the database. First click on the "Sign In" link next to "Boston University" in the upper right-hand corner on the homepage to go to the sign-in screenUse as the email address and pardeelib as the password. 

    Guidestar Sign-in

  2. Type an organization name (example: United Way Worldwide) in the Search Box and then click on the Search button.

    Guidestar Organization Search Step 2
  3. On the results page you can narrow your search by Geography (ex. state, zip code, metro statistical area or city), Organization (ex.cause area, affiliation type) or Financials (ex. total income, total assets or total assets). 

    Guidestar Step 3
  4. To choose individual organizations you have three options to build your Download Queue:

    -Click on the "Download" link beside the organization's name in the search results.
    -Click on the checkbox next to the organization's name and then pull down the "Selected' check box to "Add Selected Records To Download Queue".
    -Click on the "Download Data" link located at the top of the report page and then click on "Add to Download Queue". 

    Guidestar Step 4-Download
  5. To download a single organization click on the "In Queue" button.

    This will bring up a pop-up box where you can download your queue or edit your download queue.

  6. To retrieve your results you will need to access the "Manage download queue" page. Pull down the menu under the "Tools" link located on the right hand side of the results page and click on 'Download Queue".

  7. The "Manage download queue" page will have a section called "Download history" where you can download your results. Click on the "Download" button for your file name to download the date into Microsoft Excel. You can also delete any organizations that you "saved for download later" in your searches. 

  8. Remember to sign out when you are done downloading. Click on "Sign Out" by pulling down on the Boston University Library link located at the top right corner of any page. 

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