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How To Find a Book in Mugar Library

What To Do If a Book Is Not on the Shelf

There could be several reasons that a book is not on the shelf where you expect to find it.

  1. Make sure the book is listed as "Available" in BU Libraries Search. If the record says "Not on Shelf" it means that someone else has the book checked out. (NOTE: You can request a book that is checked out.)
    Available vs Not on Shelf
  2. Make sure the book is in Mugar and not in another BU Library. (NOTE: Books listed in the Music Library and the African Studies Library are in Mugar, on the 2nd and 6th floors respectively.)
    Different Libraries
  3. Books listed as Mugar Reference X or Mugar Reserve Room are on the first floor, not in the regular stacks.
    Mugar Reference & Reserve
  4. Books listed as Mugar Off-Site Storage have to be retrieved for you. Sign in and request the book. You will receive an email when it is at the library and can pick it up at the Circulation Desk.
    Mugar Off-Site Storage
  5. If a book is supposed to be on the shelf and is not there, it's possible that it was checked out and returned but has not yet been put back on the shelf. Check the books waiting to be reshelved. They are on the first floor, in the same room as the photocopiers and scanners.

If you still can't find a book, ask for help at the Research Center or the Circulation Desk.