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Find the Full Text of an Article

Finding Full Text

Occasionally you will find references to an article but not be able to open full text.

This happens most often because you’re looking in one database (say PsycINFO), but the full text rights for that particular article reside elsewhere (say, with JSTOR).

It could also be that you haven’t logged in with a Kerberos password to prove you are affiliated with BU.  Many times this occurs when trying to access a resource from off campus.  Remember to come through the BU Libraries website to follow a link that allows for authentication with BU credentials.

Unfortunately there are many other possible reasons, including broken links, copyright law, or something else.

Please use our full text access flow chart to learn a reasonably foolproof way to obtain full text through the library.  Print it out and keep it handy – it is often useful to know this method of getting articles.