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HI 231 / JO 523: Media & Politics in Modern America


Pentagon Papers - NY Times June 13, 1971

The Pentagon Papers, front page of the New York Times, June 13, 1971, via the ProQuest Historical Newspapers database


Question Mark Tips for finding key sources of current news and historical newspapers.

Television News

NBC News coverage of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal

NBC news coverage of scandal involving Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky, 1998, streaming video via Vanderbilt Television News Archive database

News Photographs

AP Images White House protest photos

News photographs showing protests at the White House, via the AP Images database.
Top, left to right: Anti-lynching (1946); Anti-nuclear tests (1958); Anti-Castro (1961)
Bottom, left to right: Anti-Vietnam War (1970); Anti-abortion (1982); Veterans chained to the fence to protest military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" on LGBT service members (2010)

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