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Vietnam War

What's in ?

The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center (5th floor of Mugar, South elevator) contains papers of major figures: manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, audio, and other material, available for viewing on-site upon  written request.  (BU students should email to make an appointment. Since some materials are stored off-site, it may take a few days to make the archives available.)

Subject guides describing collections that may be of interest include:


In considering a 'primary source' as opposed to 'secondary source', the difference can be summed up this way:  a primary source is a first-hand, original account of events, while a secondary source offers analysis and/or interpretation of the material. In IR/ Political Science, most journal articles would be considered secondary sources. 

Examples might include:


November 3, 1969: Address to the Nation on the War in Vietnam