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African Ethnology

Searching Language Materials in BULS

Finding African Language Materials in the Catalog

Start with the name of the ethnic group followed by the word language:    Yoruba language

You may also find useful information by using the country name followed by the word language, as in Nigeria language.
This will catch works on the languages of Nigeria, as well as subjects related to language in Nigeria.

Browsing African Language books in the collection. 
The African Studies Library has always collected extensively in works in and about African languages, even before the African Studies Center undertook the teaching of African languages in 1978.

Dictionaries, grammars, linguistic studies and readers and general works in the languages are collected.

Browse the following call number ranges:

African languages and literature PL 8000 - PL 8800
Arabic PJ 6000-8499
Ethiopian languages PJ 8991-9290
Somalian languages PJ 2531-2551

Reference Materials

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