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HUB291(A1) Social Science Research Fundamentals (Spring 2024)

What are "peer-reviewed" or "refereed" articles?

What is peer review? 
Peer review is a process by which a researcher submits their research to a review by other experts in the field. The review is a means of evaluating and validating the research. It is used to maintain quality standards, improve performance, and provide credibility.  In academia, research typically undergoes scholarly peer review prior to being published. 

Evaluating Resources

Key Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Source: 

  • Currency: is the source up to date? Is this important?
  • Relevance:  Is this relevant to my research? How?
  • Authority: Who is the author? The publisher? Could they be considered an expert in their field? 
  • Accuracy:  Does the source offer evidence for its claims? Are there citations?
  • Purpose: Is there a purpose or reason for why this was published? What is it? 

Source: Sarah Blakeslee (2004)
Read more about this method here.

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