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Using Nexis Uni

A guide to the new Nexis Uni database that is replacing Lexis Nexis Academic

How to Create a Customized Account

BU users can access Nexis Uni by signing in with their Kerberos username and password. In addition, each individual user can create an individual account that provides options for customization. Even with an individual account, you'll still need to sign in with your Kerberos username password, but once you do that a second, individual sign-in will give you many options.

To create an individual account, click on Sign In | Register at the top right of the Nexis Uni home page. Next, click on Create a Profile Now and fill in the requested information.

Nexis Uni registration

Once your account is created, you can click on Sign In | Register on the home page at anytime to access your individual account. (You can also choose to use Nexis Uni anonymously.)

Advantages of Customization

Creating a customized account allows you to do several things, including:

  • Add notes and highlighting to articles and other items and save them in a folder.
  • Save documents to folders that you create and define
  • Set up alerts to be notified by email when new results matching your search query become available.
  • Review your search history, including searches, search terms, and documents viewed over the past 90 days.
  • Share documents, searches, folders, and notes with other users who have individual accounts.

Notes, Highlighting, & Saving

To add a note, highlight text, or save an article to a folder, first click on Notes to the right of the beginning of the item. Then select part of the text. A pop-up box will offer you several options, including:

  • Add to folder. This option lets you save the article to an existing folder or one that you create as a new folder. You can also add general notes about the item and/or share it with other users with individual accounts.
  • Add to search. This option lets you modify your search by adding the highlighted words to your search terms.
  • Annotate. This option lets you add a note to the particular block of text you selected. 
  • Highlight. This option lets you highlight the text you selected. You can use the default color or choose different colors for different highlights.

IMPORTANT: When adding notes or highlights to an item, you must save it to a folder. Otherwise, the notes and/or highlighting will be lost.

Notes, highlighting and saving in Nexis Uni

Adding Alerts

To add an alert based on a search you have entered, click on the bell icon above the search results.

Creating an alert in Nexis Uni

The alert box that appears give you several options:

  • In the Overview tab you can give the alert a title and description and modify the search terms.
  • In the Monitor tab you can indicate where you want to search.
  • In the Deliver tab you can set how long you want the alert to run, how you want it delivered (online in Nexis Uni or online and by email), what email address to deliver it to, the delivery format, and how often you want to the alert to run.
  • In the Share tab you can share the alert notification with other users by entering either their individual Nexis Uni account name or their email address.

The monitor tab for Nexis Uni alerts

Accessing Your History

Accessing your search history in Nexis UniThe History drop-down menu at the top of Nexis Uni lets you access your history in seveal ways, including recent searches, documents you looked at, all history, and a graphic representation of your searches called Research Map.

Nexis Uni research map