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Poster Presentations for Science & Engineering

Find examples and templates

Github Scientific Posters  Samples/Templates with LaTeX files

Faculty of 1000: Posters 10K+ posters filter by keyword, Institution etc.

Scientific Posters  Design, examples, templates

Zenodo Search and limit to posters.

Figshare Search and limit to type: poster

      Poster examples from Figshare

      Articles from Figshare:

BU Resources

ECE Knowledge Base/ Poster Printer Instructions for using the HP DesignJet z5400 PS PS3 42inch roll printer located in PHO321

FedEx Print & Ship Office On BU campus at 115 Cummington Mall

Posters: Tips & Guidelines for Creating a Powerful Poster  BU Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) but good local information and resources

Poster Presentations

Tools to help you create SCIENTIFIC & ENGINEERING POSTERS.

Present your research in the most effective format!

Great Guides and Sites

8 Ways to Create a Powerful Research Poster  [Video]  AJE (American Journal Experts) author services for international researchers.

Creating Scientific Posters The Writing Commons

Designing Conference Posters Design advice from Biology Professor/Nature Photographer Colin Purrington

Poster Design : Tips Fairfield University Library

How to Create a Research Poster: Poster Basics NYU Libraries

Research Posters: Creation, Design, and Best Practices University of Toronto Libraries

Designing Effective Posters UNC Health Sciences Library

Scholarly Lit and Digital Posters UC Clermont Colleges Library


IMRaD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion)

How to Organize a Paper (IMRaD and other styles) The Visual Communication Guy portal

Online Printing Services

BU LIbraries

Science and Engineering Librarians

Paula Carey
Engineering & Mathematics

Mary Foppiani
Physics & Astronomy

JD Kotula
Chemistry, Computer Science & Earth Sciences

Kate Silfen
Health Sciences