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Election News and Data (U.S.)

current news (subscription sources)

   * New York Times 1985+ is available via Gale Cengage Academic OneFile  
     (This is text only content, not image-based.) Content does not include the New York Times Magazine.


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historical news sources (primarily subscription sources)

Think Tanks, NGOs and IGOs

The Think Tank Spectrum in Extra, a publication of FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), categorizes some of the best-known Think Tanks as 'conservative', 'progressive', or 'centrist'. The 2013 Global Go To Think Tank Index (GGTTI), published annually by the University of Pennsylvania, ranks Think Tanks in various ways. Another source, FindTheData, provides a chart comparing revenue, expenses and contributions of approximately 230 organizations, and allows sorting by political affiliation.

Search Think Tank Content

The subscription database CIAO: Columbia international affairs online searches within many well-known think tanks, with a focus on International Relations. The search box below is a custom search created in Google; it is in no way complete, but may provide a useful starting point.


See Think Tanks, NGOs and IGOs for more information