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WR152: (Dis)Owning Slavery: Race and Memory in Boston and New England (Kamya)


Learn (readings and resources) The Royall House and Slave Quarters seeks to promote understanding of the issues of northern Colonial slavery and the history of the property and its residents in the eighteenth century.

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Museum of African American History

Florence Higginbotham (Nantucket)

Black Heritage Trail
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Hope & Glory

Essays on the legacy of the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Regiment

An album on the Saint Gaudens memorial on Boston Common

(Dis)Owning Slavery: Race and Memory in Boston and New England

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What would a writer do with this source? by Kristin M. Woodward/Kate L.Gansk - Image is licensed under CC BY 4.0



AM Explorer

Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice Collection 


          Lewis Hayden, Abolitionist    Boston Massacre, March 5th. 1770       Ellen Craft, Boston 1848         

researching & reckoning with New England's role in the global economy of enslavement

online resources

Atlantic Black Box is a public history project that empowers communities throughout New England to take up the critical work of researching and reckoning with our region’s complicity in the slave trade and our extensive involvement in the global economy of enslavement.

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