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Getting Started: The Fabulous Four

Library Databases

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This checklist of library database subscriptions and open access online collections is intended to expedite their discovery. Please use Boston University Libraries databases as much as possible to ensure their renewals.  I am happy to add your favorites!

Click images for sources and more information.

Some databases are listed that at first glance may seem fairly irrelevant to classical studies research.  British Periodicals, for example.  But here's a delightfully engaging mid-19th century article that a search for "women AND Rome"  turned up!  "Women and their Satirists." Temple bar : a London magazine for town and country readers, Dec.1860-Dec.1881 24 (1868): 555-69. ProQuest. Web. 19 Dec. 2017.

In some areas, such as epigraphy, free websites are the best or the only online resources.

Plague in Athens - 430 BC /BCE

"The absence of romance in my history will, I fear, detract somewhat from its interest; but if it be judged useful by those inquirers who desire an exact knowledge of the past as an aid to the interpretation of the future, which in the course of human things must resemble if it does not reflect it, I shall be content. In fine, I have written my work, not as an essay which is to win the applause of the moment, but as a possession for all time."

Head of Thucydides. Marble. Roman copy of portrait head of 4th century BC type. Royal Ontario Museum, 957.159, Ottawa, Canada.  Click image for source.