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WR152: Temples, Shrines, & Bathhouses: Religion in the Roman Empire

possiel spring 2021

How do I cite?

Tips: HathiTrust

Links to HathiTrust digitized books are available only on the records of print books the BU Libraries own.

For books/ebooks, filtering for "Available online" will not retrieve HathiTrust digitized books. 

Digitized articles in library print journals may require finding the journals in HathiTrust.  The easiest way is to find a journal is by the ISSN found in a journal's record, e.g. Identifier </b>ISSN: </b> : 0003-9853.  Use the filter for publication date of your article.



Find Books

Find Articles

What are peer-reviewed articles?

Find a journal by its title when looking for an article cited in a book or other article (you also can try searching in BULS by title of the article; if that fails, then try journal name).

Article snippert