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SAR HS 783 Metabolic Regulation

Where is the Article?

Are you only finding an article abstract but not the full-text of the article? Not to worry, the will lead you to the full-text of the article.

Integrated into many BU journal databases, the Find@BU button will help you get to the article in one of three ways:

  1. If BU has the full-text of the article through an online journal subscription, you will see a link that will take you directly to the article or the online journal.
  2. If BU subscribes to the print journal in which the article appeared, you will see information about which BU Library carries the print volumes, and the call number of the title.
  3. IF BU does not subscribe to either a print or online version of a journal, you will be given an option to get the article from another article. A link will take you to our interlibrary loan request form. Once you fill out this form, you will receive a pdf copy of the article within 48 hours of your request.

Journal Databases

Suggested MeSH Headings for PubMed

PubMed's specialized keywords are known as "Mesh Headings." These headings will help you hone in on the articles that you need. MeSH headings are not always intuitive to find, so here are some recommend keyword combinations for various topics in PubMed:

  • "Dietary Supplements"[Mesh]) AND "Performance-Enhancing Substances"[Mesh]
  • "Food, Formulated"[Mesh]) AND "Muscles"[Mesh]
  • "Phenylketonurias"[Mesh]
  • "Enzymes"[Mesh]) AND "Dietary Supplements"[Mesh]
  • "Tea"[Mesh]) AND "Metabolism"[Mesh]
  • "Orlistat"[Mesh]) AND "Body Weight Maintenance"[Mesh]
  • "Glutamine"[Mesh]) AND "Gastrointestinal Tract"[Mesh]
  • "Phytosterols"[Mesh]) AND "Cholesterol"[Mesh]
  • "Dietary Supplements"[Mesh]) AND "Malabsorption Syndromes"[Mesh]
  • "Ezetimibe"[Mesh]) AND "Cholesterol"[Mesh]
  • "Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors"[Mesh]) AND "Cholesterol"[Mesh]
  • "Cannabidiol"[Mesh]) AND "Metabolism"[Mesh]
  • "Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease"[Mesh]) AND "Metabolism"[Mesh]
  • "PPA"ATP Citrate (pro-S)-Lyase"[Mesh]
  • "Cholesterol/metabolism"[Mesh]) AND "Metabolism, Inborn Errors"[Mesh]
  • ("Chitosan"[Mesh]) AND "Weight Loss"[Mesh]
  • ("Picolinic Acids"[Mesh]) AND "Insulin Secretion"[Mesh]

Don't see your topic listed here? Please contact me using the information on the right for research tips.

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