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HI339:The History of the Present: The US Since 1968

Newspaper & Magazine Gallery

Protests against the failure to pass the Equal Rights Amerndment. Washington Post, July 2, 1982, pA3 (Via the ProQuest Historical Newspapers database)

Watergate coverage

New York Times reporting after 37 days of televised hearing of the Senate Watergate Committee. August 12, 1973, p46

A selection of news articles about the "war on drugs" from African American newspapers. (Via the Ethnic NewsWatch database)

Gun control editorial

Gun control editorial in the Baltimore Sun after the Odessa/Midland. Texas shootings. September 4, 2019, p14 (Via PressReader database)

Globe Vietnam War story

Boston Globe report on exodus of last US troops from Vietnam. April 1, 1973, p1. (Via ProQuest Historical Newspapers)

Newspaper & Magazine Databases


Question Mark Tips for finding key sources of current news and historical newspapers.

Television News

CNN Coverage of Ferguson

CNN news coverage awaiting the jury decision in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, November 24, 1914. (Streaming video via Vanderbilt Television News Archive database)



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