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WR152: Boston Museums Now!

Where do scholarly conversations happen?

Scholarly conversations happen in person at conferences, symposia, over dinner, and out jogging.  They also happen in publications and are discovered in cited references and book reviews. For your purposes in this class, the two main cited reference databases are Web of Science and Google Scholar. Using them, you can trace an idea, research, and scholarship through time, both past and future. Your own sources are cited references.


Web of Science

Who has cited the book, "Attention and Value: Keys to Understanding Museum Visitors," in their books and articles?


Google Scholar

Book Reviews

  • Book reviews by scholars and researchers are published in peer-reviewed journals. That means you can find a review of a book even if BU does not own it. 
  • Book reviews can be retrieved in BULS by searching the exact book title within quotation marks.  Example: "Designing for the museum visitor experience"
  • Peer-reviewed journals generally are published two to six times a year.  Reviews of a book published in 2020 probably will appear in 2021.  Major newspapers and some trade magazines print reviews of books for their particular audiences.