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CGS Capstone 2019

Getting Books & Articles Not Available at BU

There are several ways you can obtain books that we do not own. These include:

  • Search WorldCat or More Articles Beyond BU through BU Libraries Search (BULS). When entering search terms in BULS, you will see several options for where to search. These include: BU Library Resources (the default search); Course Reserves; More Articles Beyond BU; and WorldCat.
    WorldCat search option in BULS

    If a book you are interested in is not in BU Library Resources, search for it in WorldCat. For an article you are interested in, search in More Articles Beyond BU. If the item is found, you will see an option to sign in. Sign in using your Kerberos username and password and you can request the item.

  • Request a book via WorldCat

    Our interlibrary loan staff will obtain it for you. Books will be delivered to the BU Library of your choice. Articles will be made available to you electronically. In both cases, you will be notified by email when it is available. (Articles are usually available in 1 or 2 days; books will take longer.

  • ‚ÄčInterlibrary Loan Form. You can also enter information about a book or article directly into the interlibrary loan form without going through WorldCat. NOTE: The first time you use interlibrary loan you will have to fill out a registration form. This will only be necessary once.

  • Books from Boston College, Northeastern, and Brandeis. Books can be borrowed—in person—from the libraries of these three institutions using your Terrier card, the same way you borrow from a BU library.
  • BLC Cards. A Boston Library Consortium Card allows the bearer to borrow—in person—circulating material from member libraries, just as you would from a BU library. Boston University faculty, staff, and students on the Charles River Campus may obtain a Consortium Card by filling out an application form. Medical Campus affiliates apply at the Alumni Medical Library. 
    • The BLC card is not needed to borrow from BLC members Boston College, Northeastern, and Brandeis. (See above.)

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