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CGS Capstone 2019

Finding Books at BU

Books and ebooks owned or provided by the BU Libraries are listed in BU Libraries Search (BULS). For a physical book, it will list the name of the library (e.g. Mugar, Science & Engineering Library, Pardee Management Library, etc.) For an ebook, it will provide a link.


You can limit your BULS search to books and ebooks in two ways:

  1. Conduct a search by entering search terms in either Basic or Advanced Search. When the results come up, click on the Books / eBooks filter under "Material Types" on the right side of the screen.
  2. In Advanced Search, enter your search terms and select Books under Material Type before clicking the Search button.

Both methods are illustrated below.Filtering for Books in BULS

For a more focused search, use Advanced Search and change "Any Field" to "Subject" before entering your search terms. For more help see How to Use BU Library Search.

BU LIbraries