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WR151: American Gothic Tales

Heather Barrett spring 2021


The companions listed below consist of essays discussing many aspects of American Gothic culture.  You can use them in the following ways:

l.  Scroll down the table of contents to find chapters about your general topic, e.g., video games.

2. Check the index to find themes and titles of your exhibits, e.g., the television series, Lost.

3. Find the companion's search box and type in keywords.

4.  Following an essay you will find a bibliography or further reading or works cited.



Selected topic chapters

"Gothic in Film," in New Companion to the Gothic, Chap. 17, pp. 239--251.

"Gothic in Other Media[television, video games]," in A Companion to American Gothic, Chap. 36, pp. 463--516.

"Genre and Media," in Cambridge Companion to American Gothic, Part III, pp. 169-242.

"American Gothic Television," in American Gothic Culture: an Edinburgh companion, Chap. 7, pp. 120-144.

"Doppelgamers: Video Games and Gothic Choice," in American Gothic Culture: an Edinburgh companion, Chap. 9, pp. 166-184.



Biographical Sources