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Using Nexis Uni

A guide to the new Nexis Uni database that is replacing Lexis Nexis Academic

Nexis Uni from BU Libraries Search

Follow the instructions on this page to limit your Nexis Uni search to a particular publication. You can also look the publication up in BU Library Search and follow the link to Nexis Uni. That will get you to the same place as these instructions.

BULS link to Washington Post in Nexis Uni

Searching Individual Sources

To limit your search to a particular publication:

  1. Select All Sources from the Menu drop-down on the Nexis Uni home page
    Nexis Uni All Sources Menu
  2. Search for your source, click to select it, then click on the magnifying glass icon.
    Search for sources in Nexis Uni
  3. Click the "Add All These as Search Filters" button. (Note that you can search for multiple sources and add them all at once.)
    Add source filter in Nexis uni
  4. Enter your search terms in the search box at the top of the screen.
    Using a filtered search box in Nexis Uni