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OT 513: Analysis & Adaption of Occupation


Tips for Searching PubMed

Using Mesh Headings

PubMed is an enormous database, and it can sometimes give you journal citations that are not relevant to your research question. You can use Medical Subject Headings (Mesh) to help you focus your search. Below, you will find some recommended Mesh  headings to help your retrieve articles on the historical and theoretical foundations of OT. Please feel free to cut and paste these keyword combinations into PubMed's search box.

  • "Occupational Therapy/history"[Mesh]
  • "Occupational Therapy/trends"[Mesh]
  • ("Occupational Therapy"[Mesh]) AND "Evidence-Based Medicine"[Mesh]

Keyword searching:

You can also do basic keyword searches in PubMed. When you are searching for phrases, it can be helpful to type them in quotations. Here are a few examples:

  • "occupational therapy" AND "medical model"
  •  "occupational therapy" AND "patient centered care"
  • "occupational therapy" AND "occupation-based"
  • "occupational therapy" AND "art therapy"


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