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Country Guide: Cabo Verde

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When doing historical research on Cape Verde, keep in mind there are several name variations: 

                        Cape Verde     Cape de Verde     Cabo Verde      Cap Vert       Cap-Vert

BU Special Collections

Selected Colonial Era Documents (J Docs)  For consultation on site only

  • The African Studies Library holds a small collection of Cabo Verdean government documents accessible only by card catalog. Known as the JDocs, they include materials such as 1800's era US Consulate Dispatches from Santiago (on microfilm), O Arquipelago (assorted volumes from 1962, 1963/64), presidential speeches and statistical data. 

Ephemera Collection  For consultation on site only
Brief title list (to be expanded soon)

  • Cabo Verde
  • Tchuba Newsletters
  • Cape Verde Post Report, April 1982.
  • Partido Africano da Independencia da Guine e Cabo Verde
  • Boletim Informativo​
  • Cabo Verde: Cape Verdean & Crioulo Culture - Cape Verdean Literature.
  • Cabo Verde: A History of the Cape Verde Islands.
  • A Independencia: Base do progresso e do bem-estar da Nação  Caboverdeana. Aristides Pereira
  • 5 de Julho de 1978: Mensagem do Camarada Presidente
  • Imagens de Cabo Verde
  • Mensagem de fim do Ano Novo, por Aristedes Pereira 1977.
  • Agencia do Estados Unidos de Cooperação para o Desenvolvimento 
  • Cape Verde: Geography
  • Nho Lobo: Folk Tales of the Cape Verdean People
  • News of Cape Verde
  • Mission Multidonateur Pour L’Evaluation de L’Annee Agricole, 1982.
  • Nomination of John Melvin Yates to be Ambassador of the republic of Cape Verde: Hearing before the Foreign Relations United States Senate. On , March 8, 1983
  • Consolidar as vitorias alcança das e garantir a continuação da construção da sociedade nova, Aristedes Pereira
  • Terra Nova: Junho 1993. janeiro 1994.
  • I Congresso do PAIC V
  • OMCV 
  • Uma Visita de Trabalho do Presidente Aristides Pereira; A Santo Antão

Local Collections of Interest

Cape Verdean Museum - "....Dedicated to celebrating the history and culture of Cape Verde and Cape Verdean Americans....There are exhibits on music and the arts, slavery, whaling, the immigration packets, the cranberry bogs, the longshoremen and Cape Verdean Independence among other topics. We also have an extensive library of books and films available for browsing and academic research."

New Bedford Whaling Museum -  (Click here for the Portuguese version of the site) The museum includes a focus on Cabo Verde as a key player in the whaling industry.  A previous exhibit includes: Cape Verdean Maritime Exhibit (July, 2011) and in 2016, collaborative exhibitions were unveiled between the Whaling Museum and the Ministry of Culture in Cabo Verde. Exhibits in São Vicente and São Nicolau, showcase some 50 artifacts gifted from the Whaling Museum. These include models of the C.W. Morgan and the Ernestina, along with examples of harpoons, scrimshaw, prints and photographs (read the full article here)

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