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WR150: Reviled Architecture

What are peer-reviewed articles?

Many of the articles you find by searching BULS, Google Scholar, and the article databases, e.g., Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, are peer-reviewed.  Some articles are designated as "peer-reviewed" but they are actually  "scholarly/academic."   What is the difference?

Peer-reviewed (sometimes called "Refereed"). Before articles are accepted for publication, they are closely read and critiqued by several scholars who study and do research in the same or a similar subject area.

Scholarly/academic.  These articles might be written by researchers but are accepted for publication by the journal's editor (or editorial staff) without peer review.


Tip:  Architecture is both a scholarly and professional discipline.
Articles on modern and contemporary buildings are published both in peer-reviewed journals and in trade publications, but, depending on the architect/building, possibly more in the latter.

Tip:  What do I do if the article is not available online?
To find out whether or not the library has the journal in print, type the name of the journal in the BULS search box.  See if the year, volume, and issue of your article is available.  If it is, jot down the call number and find the bound journal on the shelf in the library.
Example:  my article is published in Architectural Forum 124:3 (April 1966): 48-49.

Architectural Forum

Tip: How can I find an ejournal when I search for it in BULS by its title?

Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians

Tip: Article on Sert's Harvard buildings:  Song, H., and H. Song. Jose Luis Sert's Naturalization of Architecture in the CityJOURNAL OF ASIAN ARCHITECTURE AND BUILDING ENGINEERING 9, no. 2:275-282.



Articles in Journals

Articles in Newspapers