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WR150: The U.S. Presidential Election of 2016: A Retrospective (Shawn)

News bias

Labels such as 'liberal' and 'conservative' are subjective, but newspapers and news magazines have a choice in both how they report events and where they position them, signaling to readers the relative importance of a particular event in the news cycle.  You can tell a lot about a news publication's political leanings from what they publish; where they place the event (front page or buried on page 12); and which editorial columns they choose to run, among other criteria.

  Leans Liberal Moderate Leans Conservative

Selected Newspapers
(based on editorial endorsements from the 2012 presidential race.*)

Current content of many of these newspapers can be found using LexisNexis Academic.




*The editorial positions of most newspapers in 2016 was either to endorse Clinton or refrain from endorsing anyone.

New York Times
Boston Globe
Washington Post
San Francisco Chronicle
Los Angeles Times
The Baltimore Sun
The Sacramento Bee
The Charlotte Observer
Tampa Bay Times
Bangor Daily News
Hartford Courant
The Denver Post
The Seattle Times
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Plain Dealer
Detroit Free Press
USA Today Chicago Tribune
Houston Chronicle
New York Daily News
The New York Post
The Las Vegas Review-Journal
The Dallas Morning News
The Wall Street Journal
Richmond Times-Dispatch
New Hampshire Union Leader
The Detroit News
Santa Barbara News-Press
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
The Des Moines Register
The Oklahoman
​Northwest Herald
Boston Herald
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
The Herald-Dispatch (W. VA)
Las Vegas Review-Journal
The Tennessean
​The Washington Times
The News-Sentinel
Savannah Morning News
Bowling Green Daily News
St. Joseph News-Press
News Magazines The American Prospect
Foreign Policy
Harper's Magazine
Mother Jones
The Nation
The New Republic
​The New Yorker
The Progressive
Wired Magazine
The American Interest
The Atlantic
Bloomberg Business week
​Columbus Monthly
Foreign Affairs
Harvard Political Review
​​Journal of Politics & Society
The Week​
The American
The American Conservative
The American Spectator
The Blaze (Libertarian)
Cato Journal            
City Journal
Human Events
The Independent Review (Libertarian)
The National Interest
National Review
The New American
​Policy Review
Reason (Libertarian)
Regulation (Libertarian)
Townhall Magazine
The Weekly Standard
World (Christian)
World Affairs