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WR151: Hamilton and Jefferson

Primary Sources Guide

The American Presidency Project

Hamilton and Jefferson in Their Time

Founders Online

America's Historical Newspapers

Excerpt from American Mercury newspaper, 1800

 Excerpt from the American Mercury newspaper, Hartford, Connecticut, December 11, 1800 (from the America's Historical Newspapers database)



Hamilton and Jefferson in Retrospect


Finding Primary Sources in Books

While there are many primary source documents available online, through the BU Libraries and on the Web, printed books can also be a rich source of primary sources in U.S. history. These include printed collections of diaries, speeches, correspondence, personal narratives, and other materials.

The search page screenshot below shows a search page pre-configured to search for these and other kinds of primary sources in books.  Clicking on the screenshot will bring up a completed search of more than 40,000 such books on all topics. To focus the search on a particular topic, simply enter some keywords on the second line and click on the blue Search button.

Here are some examples of primary sources books searches on specific topics:

NOTE: Changing the second line search from All Fields to Subject will bring back more precise results. Some searches will bring up books about the subject in other countries as well as the U.S.

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