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Arts Administration III: Art World

International Networks

Americans for the Arts: Networks and Councils
“targeted networks that are represented by national councils to address specific issues for their constituent groups, provide insight and direction for programs and tools, and offer an opportunity for leaders from across the country to become directly involved on a national level.”


Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) 
“a partnership of over thirty institutions committed to ensuring the greatest possible institutional support for the full spectrum of arts and arts-integrative research, curricula, programs, and creative practice for the benefit of all students and faculty at research universities and the communities they serve.”


Arterial Network
“Arterial Network is a dynamic network of individuals, organizations, donors, companies and institutions engaged in the African creative and cultural sector… started as a dynamic, continent-wide network of non-government organisations, creative industry companies, festivals and individual artists engaged in the African creative sector at a conference – Revitalising Africa’s Cultural Assets – on Goree Island, March 2007…Arterial Network is administered by a Secretariat based in Cape Town, South Africa. The network has also decentralised its operations by establishing  regional secretariats in West and East Africa, Mali and Kenya, respectively. Central, South and North African Secretariats will soon be established.” Latest News.


Arts Management Network 
international network for arts and business


Compendium: Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe
  “The Compendium was initiated by the Council of Europe as a joint venture with the ERICarts Institute in 1998. It is realised in partnership with national governments and a network of leading European cultural policy experts…The Compendium is targeted to a broad audience of policy makers and administrators, arts institutions and networks, researchers and documentation professionals, journalists and students. The information and data presented online helps to inform decision-making processes, to conduct comparative policy research and analyses, to maintain data collections and to disseminate good practice examples (e.g. in the area of intercultural dialogue).   Cultural Policy Profiles and Quick Facts for 42 countries.


EENC: European Expert Network on Culture
Website under construction. Documents published on the EENC website between 2010 and 2015 are available on this page (see “related links”).


European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres
is “…the leading European network on cultural management and cultural policy education…[and] the only European network gathering together higher educational institutions and training organizations dealing with cultural management education and training.”  Publications.


International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA)
 “… global network of arts councils and ministries of culture…to improve the capacity and effectiveness of government arts funding agencies to benefit society through networking, advocacy and research.” 
World CP: International Database of Cultural Policies


OAS LogoOrganization of American States: Culture (OAS) 
“Culture and cultural diversity is a fundamental element of an organization like the OAS whose 35 member countries span across the two continents located in the western hemisphere.”