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American Studies


Ad*Access, 1911-1955 (Duke University)

Ad Age: Creativity


Adflip, 1940-present


Ads: Greenwashing (Truth in Advertising)


Ads of the World (contemporary)


Ads Through the Ages on Flickr


Advertising Archives (London, England)


Adverts 250 Project - An Exploration of Advertising in Colonial America 250 Years Ago This Week (Assumption College, Worcester, MA)


Advertising Exhibitions & Presentations (Library of Congress)


Early Advertising of the West [U.S.] (University of Washington)


Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850-1920 (Duke University)


HOLLIS Images, search for l9th-century trade cards and advertisements as subject (Harvard University)


Kodak Advertising Collection 


National Museum of American History: Advertising


Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) Archives 1885-1990s (Duke University Libraries Digital Collections)


Sears Archive, 1886-present (search Homes and Products)


Stanford School of Medicine Tobacco Advertising Themes


Superbowl Advertising Archive


Vintage Ad Browser (product groups; decades within product group from 1790 to 1990)