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Business Tutorial: Mergent

Compare Company Against Custom Group

1. Select company by clicking the plus (+) sign to add company to the Company Analysis List.

2. Use the "Change Company" search box (top right of page) to find comparison companies.  
    Sample search: Dunkin'

3. Click on Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc.

To add Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc. (NMS: DNKN) to Company Analysis List, clicking the plus (+) sign to add company to the Company Analysis List. You may select and add up to 500 companies.

4.  Click on My Mergent Tools to access your Company Analysis List.

5. From the Company Analysis List box use the arrow keys to select your companies.

6. From Select Data Items box, click on the plus sign next to an item to Expand List.
   Select data item(s) then move them to the Report Items box by clicking on the arrow key.
   Select a report format.
   Click on Create Multiple Company Report.


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