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LA245: Introduction to Law


Television and movies form the basis for many students’ understanding of Criminal Law. But good research is required to understand the role Criminal Law plays in the business world. Government prosecutors are increasingly pursuing criminal charges against businesses, relying on broad federal statutes such as Mail and Wire Fraud, RICO, and Money Laundering. Research of Criminal cases requires an understanding of the Constitutional protections available to a defendant, the federal criminal statutes, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, and the many policy issues surrounding criminal prosecutions of businesses. The New York Times Dealbook has a White Collar Watch with extensive legal coverage. The Wall Street Journal has a law blog. In addition to news coverage, consider Law Journals such as the Georgetown Law Journal’s Annual Review of Criminal Procedure.


Legal Periodicals

The following databases provide access to legal periodicals and law reviews:

Legal News

Below is a selection of legal newspapers, magazines and journals. For a more comprehensive list please use our eJournals search.

Also try using BloombergSearch for top legal news by typing in <TOP LAW>  <GO>



For additional resources, see the BU School of Law Libraries Criminal Law research guides. Some of the resources on the Law Library’s guides are only accessible by BU Law students, but the law guides do provide a more detailed coverage of the subject.

For additional resources, also see the Mugar Library - Criminology & Criminal Justice research guide.

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