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American Art


Books on Art in Early America.  Janice Gayle Schimmelman.
Mugar Library  N6505 .S35 2007 
"An extensively cross-referenced bibliography of 183 treatises, instruction manuals and other books related to drawing, painting, engraving, sculpture, artist biography, art history, and aesthetics compiled from bookseller and library catalogues dating from 1719 through 1815 from the areas that during this period ceased being British colonies and became the United States."


American Imprints on Art Through 1865: Books and Pamphlets on Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Aesthetics, Art Criticism, and Instruction: An Annotated Bibliography.  Janice Schimmelmann. 637 titles providing insight and information on publications available to American artists and viewing public. Excludes exhibition catalogs. Mugar Library Z 5961 U5 S34 1990.

Arts in Early American History: Needs and Opportunities for Study, essay by Walter Whitehill, bibliography by Wendell Garrett, 1965. Published for the Institute of Early American History and Culture at Williamsburg, Virginia. Writings on the arts, 1876-1964; general works; architecture by region; topography; painting and painters; portraits by subjects; sculpture; graphic arts; medals, seals, and heraldic devices; crafts; furniture; silver and silversmiths; other materials; and serial publications. Mugar Library Z 5961 U5 F65.

Arts in America: A Bibliography, 4 vols, ed. Bernard Karpel. Published by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Annotated. Comprehensive guide to the literature on American art, including dance, design, film, graphic arts, music, and theater. Mugar Library Z 5961 G5 A77.

American Women Artists, Past and Present: A Selected Bibliographic Guide, 2 vols. (1984) and (1989).  Eleanor Tufts. Unannotated citations to books and articles on approximately 1,200 artists.  Mugar Library Z 7963 A75 T84.

Women Artists in the United States: A Selective Bibliography and Resource Guide on the Fine and Decorative Arts, 1750-1986. Paula Chiarmonte.  Annotated citations to primary and secondary sources.  Mugar Library Z 7963 A75 W65 1990.

Government and Art: A Guide to Sources in the Archives of American Art. Arthur Breton. Identifies and describes letters, diaries, interviews and other papers relating to federal, state, city, and local government’s connections with art.  Mugar Library Z 5961 U5 A73 1995.

Government and the Arts in Thirties America: A Guide to Oral Histories and Other Research Materials, ed. Roy Rosenzweig. Art, music, theater, and writing sponsored by the WPA between 1935 and 1939. Over 1,000 interviews listed alphabetically by interviewee. Guide to oral history repositories. Mugar Library NX 735 G68 1986.s

New Deal Fine Arts Projects: A Bibliography, 1933-1992. Martin Kalfatovic. Annotated chronological bibliography with author and subject indexes. Mugar Reference X N 8837 K36 1994.

Paris: A Guide to Archival Sources for American Art History. Susan Grant. Institutions in Paris and the Ile-de-France region. Overview of entire collection and description of specific American art- related material.  Mugar Library N 6950 G73 1997.

Decorative Arts and Household Furnishings in America, 1650-1920: An Annotated Bibliography. Kenneth L. Ames. Published by the Winterthur Museum. Includes scholarship of material culture. Historical essays precede lengthy descriptive annotations. Mugar Library Z 5965 D3 D45 1989.

Trade Catalogues at Winterthur : A Guide to the Literature of Merchandising, 1750 to 1980, comp. E. Richard McKinstry. Index to the microfiche set of trade catalogues which are located in the Current Periodicals Room filed under “Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum.”Mugar Microform Reference (basement)  Z 7164 M18 H43 1984.

Print Council Index to Oeuvre-Catalogues of Prints by European and American Artists.  Timothy A. Riggs, Lauren B. Hewes and Nicole Simpson. The database contains entries for European and American prints, print publishers, drawings, and photographs; and Japanese prints and photographs.