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SAR HS 210: An Introduction to Critical Inquiry


RefWorks is a powerful tool that allows you to save citations and generate a bibliography or references page within a matter of seconds. Use RefWorks when you want to save all your references into an online account that you can access anywhere. RefWorks also has robust technical support if you run into any issues with the software.

Signing up for an account: when signing-up for a RefWorks account for the first time, make sure to click on create account as shown below.

Using RefWorks with Pubmed

RefWorks works seamlessly with most of our journal databases at Boston University. However, there is an extra step if you are bringing in records from PubMed into RefWorks. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Begin by logging into your RefWorks accunt.

2. Next, go into PubMed and run your search.

3. Select the citations you want to bring into RefWorks and click on Save on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


4. PubMed will ask you to save your selected items to a file format. Select PubMed as your format and click on create file. Save the file to your computer


5, Go into RefWorks and click on Add on the upper-right hand corner of the screen. Select Import references.


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Troubleshooting Tips

As helpful as RefWorks is, there are occasional glitches that are usually temporary. Here are a few tips for maximizing RefWorks:

  • RefWorks tends to work best with Chrome or Firefox.
  • Clear your cache in you browser.
  • Turn-off browser pop-up blockers.

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